Who would have ever thought

Who would have ever thought you could transplant a digestive tract or even reconstruct it? We had no idea but we also had no idea that your digestive tract could be paralyzed either. Kirsten has just that, a paralyzed digestive tract, also known as Gastroparesis and/or DTP digestive tract paralysis. The medical research in our country is amazing and Kirsten being accepted into the intestinal transplant program proves this and will help pave the way for others who are also battling this debilitating disease. There are very few treatment options for Gastroparesis and one is a bypass, Kirsten has had that and another is a total gastrectomy and Kirsten has had that too. Unfortunately the lack of motility in the rest of her digestive tract just made things worse. This disease literally turns your life upside down. It affects other organs and just wears on those affected and their family and friends. Many in the medical field do not know much about Gastroparesis but we will continue to spread awareness no matter the outcome for Kirsten. Right now we know there is a glimmer of hope to get back to some normalcy and that is our main goal.

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