Got Gas Problems

We do and I am not talking about the kind in your car or in a grill. I am talking about the kind in your body, Gastrointestinal (GI) issues. When these things come into your like, your whole life changes. You have to think about what and how you do things, as well as, when and where you do them.

You want to know what am I talking about, then check to the last post entitled – What is Gastroparesis? . However, this post is about finding a ‘New Normal’. Normal does not exist any more.  Each day is a trail as to what is going to be done.  One day you may think you can run a race, but halfway through it you realize that you have taken on to much and have to get a DNF for the race. Then there are days that you just want to stay in bed and rest because either the pain is so bad you do not think you can do anything or you just want to be left alone because you do not want to see people in  your condition.

People with these symptoms are thought to not have serious issues or illnesses. I am here to let you know this is not the case. My wife has been dealing with Gastroparesis (GP) for a few years now, and these are just a few things that we deal with on a daily basis. Her days are all she can make them, with the activity level changing by the minute.

If you know or hear of people in this type of a situation, please keep them not only in your daily prayers; but on your daily to do list. Just do me a favor and listen to the words of Michael W. Smith in his song Friends and remember to keep them close because, “(it) keeps them strong and a friend will not say never, because the welcome does not end.”

Please remember to keep a check on the sick and elderly on a regular basis, so that they know they are not forgotten and that they are love them.

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