Awareness: Life With GP

Do you have GP? Are you the caregiver of someone with GP? Do you know someone with GP? If so, would you please answer these 36 question so we can bring awareness to this debilitating disease and make a difference as we write the story of ‘Life With GP’.

  1. What does Gastroparesis mean to you?
  2. Why does it need awareness?
  3. Post a Picture of you before GP.
  4. How are you feeling today (be honest)?
  5. What symptoms do you show? (See Gastroparesis)
  6. How do you deal with them the best?
  7. How do you spend your days?
  8. What do you look forward to most everyday? Why?
  9. What makes you the happiest? Why?
  10. What do you say to yourself when you need encouragement?
  11. How do you cope?
  12. What is your favorite quote? Why?
  13. How long did it take for you to be diagnosed? How long have you been diagnosed?
  14. Who are your #facesbehindGP? Post a selfie with them.
  15. Who do you included in your support system?
  16. What does the color Green mean to you? Yellow?
  17. What does the animal Zebra mean to you?
  18. What GP item do you most relate too (meme, blog, article, research, …) ?
  19. Post one picture that tells the most about your battle.
  20. How do you tell people about your illness?
  21. Do you have any other illnesses? Which ones?
  22. Are you considered to suffer from malnutrition? Have you lost any of your hair?
  23. How many doctors do you see? Are they helpful? Which one is the most helpful (which discipline)?
  24. How many and what meds do you take for GP? How do you take them?
  25. Post a hospital selfie.
  26. If GP were to send you a message, what would it say?
  27. What is your major form of nutrition?
  28. How do you set up your feedings? (if you have a tube)
  29. What are some foods you miss?
  30. Take part in #TakeABite4GP campaign.
  31. What is your favorite flavor?
  32. Tell us something good about GP; something bad.
  33. What activity/event do you miss doing the most?
  34. What goals do you have for the future?
  35. How are you helping to bring awareness to GP?
  36. Post a Green picture.

GP Awareness Ribbon 3

3 Dozen 4 GP

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