August is Gastroparesis(GP) Awareness Month. K3, along with Gastroparesis Patient Association for Cures and Treatments (G-PACT), are recruiting our friends, family members, and the rest of the world to take part in a new video awareness campaign. We are hoping many of you will get involved by creating your own brief clip for this effort.

We would love to see supporters of our GP community “Take a bite for GP!”

Robert's GP Spoon
Robert’s #TakeABite4GP

Is your condition so sever that you can’t eat even a bite? No problem, then just hold an empty spoon. It is our hope that this will have a greater impact on the people of the world.

You don’t like to be in videos? Hold a sign and take a picture! The idea is to get people to notice that GPers can’t eat with the ease that “normal” people can. Be creative, we know you can! The intention is to start spreading the word and creating these brief video clips and/or photos for release. We hope to have the campaign off and running during August, Gastroparesis Awareness Month. We want to see your photos and videos; so, once you have made your clips post it to at least one of our social media sites and tag them with #TakeABite4GP! Then we may pass some of them onto G-PACT.

Hope you will join us and spread awareness for GP!